Staff Training & Facilitation

Beverage Knowledge:

At Bar Square, we specialize in comprehensive beverage knowledge training tailored for bars and restaurants. Our programs equip bartenders and staff with the expertise to excel in their roles, from understanding different spirits, wines, and beers to mastering cocktail creation and presentation. We cover topics like flavor profiles, mixology techniques, serving temperatures, and beverage pairing principles. Whether you want to enhance your cocktail menu or improve staff proficiency in recommending drinks, our training elevates the overall beverage experience at your establishment.

Customer Service Excellence

Exceptional customer service is key to success in bars and restaurants. At Bar Square, we emphasize creating memorable guest experiences through our customer service training. Our programs focus on essential skills such as communication, attentive listening, and proactive problem-solving. We train your team to anticipate guest needs, handle inquiries with professionalism, and leave every interaction positive. From warm greetings to personalized recommendations and prompt issue resolution, our training helps build strong customer relationships and enhances overall satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive recommendations.

Staff Training & Facilitation

Knowledge is vital and Bar-Square ensures an ongoing bar staff training programme for your staff members to increase their knowledge and selling techniques

Our staff training programme covers:

Product Knowledge

Classic Cocktails

Flair Bartending

Free Pouring

Soft Skills