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Welcome to Bar Square, where expertise intersects with the art of the perfect pour. Our multifaceted approach to bartending embodies our commitment to excellence, as we strive to elevate the standards of the craft with unwavering dedication.


About Us

Bar Square was born from a deep-seated love for bartending, flairing, and education, evolving into a premier institution. Founded by Rohan Carvalho, a distinguished bartending champion in India, our foundation is fortified with an array of certifications, accolades, and vast international exposure, solidifying our reputation as a renowned authority in bartending education. Our faculty boasts diverse expertise, catering to individual skill sets and providing tailored guidance to each student. With our robust infrastructure, our students immerse themselves in practical sessions complemented by comprehensive theoretical modules. We ensure 100% placement upon course completion, underscoring our commitment to fostering successful careers in the bartending industry.


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What client says about us


"Thanks so much for the most enjoyable education I have ever had. I enjoyed the sessions and hopefully I will put my newly acquired skills to a profitable application Rohan you are the best. YOU made the class enjoyable and insightful. With my utmost gratitude, thank you.

Salil Agarwal

A fantastic set of professionals who gave us the opportunity to choose what we wanted to learn! Rohan, you guys did a amazing job, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and was good fun and good learning experience!!


Thanks so much for Mr Rohan and team .you always share ur creative idea to the market .most of the time im inspired wt I'm standing wt this fame just bz of you.I believe wt ur training we can bring more bartenders to world market

S.K. Iqbal Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

BAR SQUARE will always have a special place in my heart. this is the place where I learned I could do things I never thought possible. Thanks to Rohan and his team for sharing knowledge and teaching flair to me. I proud to say I did my course in BAR SQUARE under Rohan. Thank you.

R. Priya Darshan

Best bar school in Bangalore to Learn flair and Mixologist.It was so fun and good learning.I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Rohan,Ranson,Haokip. such a wonderfull professional team ! It was a great success for me

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