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Course Fee : INR 43600/-
Course Duration
: 3 months (5 days a week)

Proffessional Bartending Course

Bar-Square's Professional Bartending Course is meticulously crafted to offer both a comprehensive overview and detailed insights into the world of bartending, coupled with ample opportunities for hands-on practice. Ideal for Hotel Management graduates and aspiring bartenders from diverse academic backgrounds, our course welcomes experienced bartenders and mixologists seeking to enrich their practical skills and theoretical understanding, fostering a dynamic learning environment where expertise is shared and honed.

Flair Bartending

Bar-Square's Basic Flair Course is meticulously crafted to nurture the innate flair talents of individuals keen on exploring this captivating art form. With a focus on practicality, the course delves into the foundational theories and techniques of Flair Bartending within an authentic working environment.
Ideal for both novices and seasoned bartenders eager to delve into Flair Bartending, this course serves as an insightful introduction to the craft. Led by our esteemed trainers, who are national flair champions themselves, participants can expect a detailed breakdown of each move, simplifying complexities and facilitating seamless learning and practice.
Course Fee : INR 18000/-
Course Duration
: 1 months (5 days a week)

Weekend Bartending Course

Embark on a journey through the world of bartending with our comprehensive Basic Mixology Course. Led by a seasoned bartender and former national champion, this course provides a concise yet thorough overview of bartending essentials. Perfect for individuals outside the hospitality industry seeking to grasp the art of bartending and mixology, our hands-on approach ensures 80% practical learning. From mastering the iconic classic cocktails to crafting contemporary concoctions with finesse, you'll learn the secrets to creating well-balanced and delectable drinks like a true professional.
Course Fee : Contact us
Course Duration
: 2/4 days

Customized Courses​

At Bar-Square, we recognize the significance of time constraints in today's competitive landscape. That's why we tailor our courses to accommodate your schedule and specific requirements. While we aim to be flexible, certain criteria must be met for these specialized programs to proceed.

Our offerings include:


Know About Our Faculty


At Bar-Square we feel it is vital for every student to get the feel of a Bar atmosphere whilst training. To accomplish the same, we have a practical bar setup equipped with professional bar accessories & ingredients for mixology practical’s.

Our Flair room is carpeted with bounce mats to maximize the outcome in flair training without the fear of any breakage. To make flair training more interesting student can watch videos of international flair comps and practice their sequences with music.


What students says about us


"Thanks so much for the most enjoyable education I have ever had. I enjoyed the sessions and hopefully I will put my newly acquired skills to a profitable application Rohan you are the best. YOU made the class enjoyable and insightful. With my utmost gratitude, thank you.

Salil Agarwal

A fantastic set of professionals who gave us the opportunity to choose what we wanted to learn! Rohan, you guys did a amazing job, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and was good fun and good learning experience!!


Thanks so much for Mr Rohan and team .you always share ur creative idea to the market .most of the time im inspired wt I'm standing wt this fame just bz of you.I believe wt ur training we can bring more bartenders to world market

S.K. Iqbal Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

BAR SQUARE will always have a special place in my heart. this is the place where I learned I could do things I never thought possible. Thanks to Rohan and his team for sharing knowledge and teaching flair to me. I proud to say I did my course in BAR SQUARE under Rohan. Thank you.

R. Priya Darshan

Best bar school in Bangalore to Learn flair and Mixologist.It was so fun and good learning.I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Rohan,Ranson,Haokip. such a wonderfull professional team ! It was a great success for me