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Course Details

Proffessional Bartending Course

This is an exhaustive course designed to provide an overview and in-depth knowledge of bartending while also providing an opportunity to practice what is taught.

Bar-Square’s Professional Bartending Course is recommended for Hotel Management graduates as well as regular graduates interested in exploring bartending as a career option. Experienced bartenders and mixologists are also welcome to share their experiences and fill in gaps in their practical as well as theory knowledge.

Course Fee: INR 43,600.00 excluding taxes(Bartenders kit included) Duration of the course: 3 months (5 times a week)

Flair Bartending Course

Bar-Square’s Basic Flair Course has been designed keeping in mind the need to encourage individuals interested in exploring their Flair talents. To this end, the course is comprehensively designed to cover the theory and basic aspects of Flair Bartending in a practical working environment.

This course offers an introduction to the world of flair bartending and is ideal for beginners with a passion for Flair Bartending. Our trainers will break down every move simplifying and explaining the intricacies of every move making it easier to grasp and practice.

Course Fee: INR 18,000.00 excluding taxes (Bartenders kit included) Duration of the course: 1 Month (5 times a week)

Competition Flair Training

Our Competition Flair Course is an intense Flair training course recommended for bartenders already practicing basic flair.

This course covers advanced flair moves that can be used at various Flair competitions held across the country. Supervised by experienced flair champions who are part of the faculty, aspirants will be taught competition sequences suitable to extreme shows.

Course Fee: INR 16,500.00 excluding taxes Duration of the Course: 7 days

Customized Courses

Bar-Square understands the importance and paucity of time that each individual faces in the competitive world today. Hence, we also design courses to suit your time and your particular need.

We would however have certain criteria to be met before we could proceed with such courses.

Courses include:

  • Weekend courses
  • 1 or 2 days course
  • Bartending as a hobby/interest
  • Home bartending
  • Crash course in Mixology
  • Course on a specific subject, i.e. Wines, Single Malts, Beer, Classic cocktails, Spirits, Liqueurs, Non alcoholic drinks etc.

Help us help you. Contact us directly with your requirements and we will be glad to design courses to match your needs.