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Hire a Bartender

Bar-Square has a team of trained bartenders to serve at any occasion, be it a wedding ceremony, a bachelor’s party, a launch event, a mocktail party or just a private house party. We have the bar solution for you. Our bartenders travel with their own bar kit.

Our Bartenders:

  • Shows up on time and dressed for the occasion, and even better yet can make a good Margarita.
  • Serves the guests efficiently and with a smile!
  • Are specialised in handling pressure
  • Pour a good drink without over pouring.
  • Gives you an idea of what kind of alcohol to serve for your type of event and how much alcohol to order for a specific number of guests.
  • Take total control of the alcohol inventories.
  • Can entertain your guest with Flair & some bar tricks for those lucky ones at the bar.

We provide Professional Bartenders, Flair bartenders, Bar maids & Bar backs.

You can count on us to make your event a remember able one. Kindly get in touch with us, for requirements and rates, we’re just a phone call away.