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Bar Consultancy

Bar Square has specially designed systems that will allow your bar to be a resounding success from the word ‘go’. To this end, we introduce high quality standard operating procedures, maintain high standards for our staff, and have specially created training manuals that will realign your currently existing system to enhance your output.

Our consultancy services also include:

  • Updating of Beverage & Cocktail lists
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your venue vis-à-vis your competition
  • Introducing new innovations to keep you at the head of the market
  • Sessions on how to become a woman-friendly environment

In other words, we have systems in place and can design systems to place you one step ahead of your competition.

Bar Designing

For a world-class bar that will rake in the profits, it is advisable to have a bar consultant and an architect working together. An increasingly global trend, a bar consultant working with the architect will ensure your bar area allows your staff to work at maximum efficiency, in turn providing a better turn around time, greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Bar Square’s expertise in bar designing will help you meet all your requirements to your great satisfaction, ensuring that your bar is practical for operations.

Bar-Square works with you to ensure your bar gives you optimal profits.

Menu Planning & Designing

With increasing numbers of corporate houses warming up to bar culture, Bar-Square prides itself in creating a thoughtful, mouth-watering, marketable and practical drink menu for all our clients. Our experience and library of research and resources allows us to take a practical, profit-oriented approach to cocktail and menu design.

Cocktail bars are no longer a trend but a predominant force in the international bar scene, as is evident in the fact that the 5 busiest bars in the world are all cocktail bars. With this in mind, Bar-Square works to implement hip new products and smart cocktails into your menu. By implementing the latest trends in mixing cocktails, we add to your guests’ experience.

Bar-Square is current on the latest cocktail fads in the region so as to provide you with the edge to take your cocktail bar to dizzying heights.

Flair Bar Development

Over the years, interest in flair bartending has been growing by leaps and bounds, with an overwhelming number of bartenders trying to incorporate flair into regular bar service.

It is important to get the little things that add zing to a flair show right the first time round. To this end, the foundations of one’s basic training in flair bartending need to be strong. What better way to learn than form the country’s leading flair experts?

Our flair experts at Bar-Square understand the importance of right communication and sync between bartenders manning a flair bar, or at a flair show. A flair bar with a lack of direction can actually work against your venue, and your show. This is where Bar-Square steps in to fulfil your need for the right training programs to add value to your flair bar. We know just what will enhance the skills of your bar staff.

Bar-Square’s flair training programs are centered on teamwork, and communication.

Special Services

We cover the following

  • Under Bar Systems Design : Ensuring you know what goes where under the bar.
  • Supplier and Product Sourcing.
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Liquor company tie ups.
  • Home bar setup: For all those bar enthusiast who want something specially created for their homes.

Training & Facilitation

It is becoming a worldwide trend to have extensive training of your bar & floor staff.

With competition so hot in bar industry getting the most out of your staff is essential to very survival of your venue. We conduct training programme to maximize the performance of your employees, in a large range of areas from product knowledge, customer service, advanced cocktail making techniques right through to flair bartending.